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Activated charcoal COC-L 1000 is a granular activated charcoal made from high quality coconut shells. High quality is guaranteed by careful inspection of feedstock, this activated carbon is characterized by strong adsorption ability, microporous structure and excellent hardness.

Meets hygiene requirements according to Act No. 258/2000 Coll., as amended, and Ordinance MZ No. 409/2005 Sb.

Measuring Surface (BET) – 1100 m2/g

Iodine number – 1000 mg/g

Grain Size – 0.6 – 2.36 mm (8 x 30 mesh)

Bulk Density – 500 kg/m3

Ash content ≤ 4%

Hardness 98%

Humidity ≤ 5%


– Drinking water purification: improves colour, taste, smell, removes pesticides and humic compounds

– Catalytic removal of residual chlorine and ozone

– Discolouration of food products (e.g. Sugar, glucose)

– Purification of paraffin and pharmaceutical glycerin

– Cleaning of Sewage

– Elimination of organic compounds in soil remediation


Big bag 500 kg, bags 25 kg.


Dry warehouse, on pallets. Well-ventilated area, 5 – 80 Oc.