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Activated charcoal COL-PA 50 is a moulded activated carbon produced from high quality anthracite charcoal. High quality is ensured by careful inspection of feedstock, its large surface area ensures effective adsorption of a wide range of organic compounds from air and gases.

Measuring Surface (BET) – 950 m2/g

Butane number – min 19%

Grain size – Avg. 4 mm/3 mm

Bulk Density – 500 kg/m3

Ash content ≤ 12%

Hardness 97%

Humidity ≤ 5%

CTC activity-50%


– Flue gas and smoke cleaning

-Reducing Styrene emissions

– Cleaning of natural gas and biogas

– Air purification in industrial plants

– Cleaning and filtration of the soil air


Big bag 500 kg, bags 50 kg.


Dry warehouse, on pallets. Well-ventilated area, 5 – 80 Oc.