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Natural Silica Sand 0.2 – 2.0 mm

– washed, dried, sorted

– Content of SiO2 above 96%

– Completely free of clay particles and other impurities

– Mixture for lawn grit, topdressing mixtures


Quality dried silica sand is produced according to the most advanced input processing technology, is flushed, dried and retreated to guarantee the highest quality and low dust content.  The humidity of silica (quartz) sand is up to 1%, the content of SiO2 above 96%. The sands are characterized by high mechanical resistance, uniform grain distribution and high chemical resistance.


– In horticulture
– on the lawn grating after previous treatment by Vertutation, et
c. – Suitable for topdressing mixtures


Easy to process thanks to optimum grain shape and high grading quality.  It is recommended to spread evenly in the amount of 4 – 9 L/m2 of lawn.


Paper bags 25 kg, plastic bags 25 kg, Big Bag 1000 kg.


Dry warehouse, on pallets.



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